First Green European Summer University – Bridging the gaps – Unofficial information

The European union offers as a lot of space for discussion about Europe, possible solutions, what kind of Europe we do want to live in and ongoing problems that need to be solved together. In order to discuss about this problems, the First Green European Summer University was held in the year 2008 from 28. to 31 August 2008.

This event has been promoted and supported by the Greens/EFA Group in the European parliament and the European Green party, German/Polish green parties and politicians, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen. The event has beend hold at the German/Polish border in Frankfurt and Slubice.

Who has been attending the First Green European Summer University?

The event was open for all who want to attend, with a focus on scientists, managers, artis, students and young people with the goal of a debate about the goals and future of europe and the development of the european union.

In the event there was a large offer of plenary debates, working groups and the participants from all over europe had the possibility to discuss visions, concepts and policies for creating a sustainable europe. The summer university was also enriched by a programme including cultural events, excursions and music events.

What was the Programme?

Thursday 28 August 2008
During the day Individual arrival of participants in Frankfurt (Oder), Accreditation Viadrina University

12:30 Meeting Green Future Team Viadrina University




17:30-19:30 Afternoon – Different parallel activities

a) Football tournament (mixed teams only)
b) Other sporting activities

Canoe tour on the river Oder
City tours
Slubfort city tour

Training & workshops (first proposal)
Communicating Climate Change (Greens/EFA)
Public Speaking Seminar (Green Campus)
Thinking Green Economy (Green Economic Institute)

Negotiation and decision making in environmental
conflicts (FYEG)
Public Speaking Seminar (Green Campus)

Island „Ziegenwerder“
in the river Oder

Viadrina University


21:30 „Cooking Event“ – your recipes

Open air cinema Viadrina University


Friday 29 August 2008

Political and cultural tours
– Bike tour „Bridging the gaps“
– Coal mining bus tour „Living at the edge of destruction“
– GMO bus tour „GMO meets Bio“ (including lunch)
– Solar cell production in Frankfurt/Oder
– Slubfort city tour Different locations

12:00-14:00 Lunch Break Viadrina University


15:30-16:45 Workshops

Educating Europe
Zero tolerance towards violence against women
Green Lifestyle – But where are the Greens?
Greening EU farm and food policy
Rightwing Extremism in Europe
Dynamising youth participation through active campaigning
Ghosts of Soviet Nuclear
International Financial (Dis)Order
Greens in Eastern European Countries
Greens and Campaigning
Data protection in a virtual world
Quality of work, quality of life
Intercultural dialog through films, Persepolis
Green Academics bridging the gaps

Book Readings

Book reading and discussion with the author Dorota Maslowska

Viadrina University &
Collegium Polonicum

17:00-19:30 Opening Plenary
(interpretation: EN, FR, DE, PL)
What Future for Europe?
Welcome by:
Monica Frassoni (Co-President of the Greens/EFA Group)
Interventions by:
– Gesine Schwan (President of the Europa-Universität Viadrina)
– Claus Leggewie (German political scientist)
– Sylvie Goulard (Chairwoman European Movement France)
– Adam Krzeminski (Polish journalist and
Viadrina University

as of 20:00

During the
day and
evening Reception, buffet dinner with live music: ‚Eurofighter‘

Film Projections Concert hall

Saturday 30 August 2008
09:30-11:30 Plenary Session

Climate Change: „From Bali to Poznan to Copenhagen“
(interpretation: EN, FR, DE, PL)
Moderation: Rebecca Harms (Vice-President Greens/EFA)
Keynote speeches:
– Martin Bursík (Czech Minister for Environment)
– Anna Unruh-Cohen (tbc) (Director of environmental policy, Centre for American progress)
– Sivan Kartha (tbc) (Senior Scientist at the Stockholm Institute, US Centre)
– Renate Künast (tbc) (Co-President Greens in the Bundestag) Viadrina University



13:45-14:45 Workshops

A new treaty between young and old
The role of the EU in International Natural Resource Governance
Arts and Culture and (Green) politics
Language policy – Esperanto
Struggle over resource factors for international crisis
Green cities
Strategies to tackle gender discrimination in the workplace
Which future for services of general interest?
Nuclear profileration – Siamese Twins: the Reactor and the Bomb
Young Green professionals
Strategies against the dumping of social standards

Book Readings and Film Projections
‚Herztier‘ Book reading and discussion with the author Herta Müller

‚Die Brücke von Istanbul‘ Book reading and discussion with the author Geert Mak Viadrina University &
Collegium Polonicum

13:00-14:30 Lunch Break Viadrina University



15:45-16:45 Workshops

Fair trade: Challenges of going mainstream
Which visions for a better life? (How do we live, how do we love, how do we move?)
The iron curtain trail
5 steps towards a social Europe – different …
Decent work
Cohesion or Collusion? EU and EIB Funding in CEE
EU Food Security – successes and challenges (GMO, bioethics)
ERENE European community for renewable energy
Sports and Politics – taking stock after the Olympic games
Lessons to be learnt from the Irish Referendum
Western Balkans
Fear of terror & citizen’s rights
Global mafias
Green IT: Intellectual property, Free software and E waste

Book Readings
‚Mutluluk‘ Book reading and discusson with the author Zülfü Livanelli

‚Mein Europa‘ Book reading and discussion with the author Yuriy Andrukhovych Collegium Polonicum

17:00-19:00 Plenary Session

Social Europe in a globalised world
(interpretation: EN, FR, DE, PL)
Moderation: Jean Lambert (Greens/EFA)
Keynote speeches:
– Tarja Cronberg (Finish Minister of Labour) – Prof. Polonca Koncar (tbc) (Slovenian, President of the European Social Charta, Council of Europe)
– T. Sarath Fernando (NGO Monlar, Sri Lanka)
– Frank Bsirske (Chair of ver.di, Services Trade Union)
Debate Collegium Polonicum

19:30-21:00 Dinner Viadrina University


During the
day and
evening Party with Nous Non Plus, DJ Kristian Auth

Film Projections Viadrina University

Sunday 31 August 2008
09:30-11:00 ‚Cultural breakfast‘
with authors (see book readings), musicians (Frank Wolff from ‚Eurofighter‘ tbc), and represantatives from the media and cultural scene

Presentation of ideas, visions and conclusions of the workshops and plenary sessions

Presentation of the Green Future Team Viadrina University
11:00-13:00 Closing plenary

A new Europe – we can build it!

Input: Green Future Team
Interventions by:
– Pierre Jonckheer (MEP, Vice president of the Greens/EFA Group)
– Deidre de Burca (Irish Green Senator)
– Ulrike Lunacek (Co-Spokesperson of the European Green Party)
– Reinhard Bütikofer (Co-Party Leader German Greens)
– NN (tbc)
Concluding speech:
Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Co-President of the Greens/EFA Group) Viadrina University

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